May 7th, 2017  CORE Freedom Rally Sprint
Announcing the 2017 CORE Rally Sprint, this event is for all caged cars as well as Bikes and Quads. It will be a one day event running one course 8-10 miles long both directions 3 times each, all times from each direction will be added togeather to determine the winner for each class. This will be an event that will be affordable for everyone to attend with the total cost of $100 for cars, trucks, bikes, quads, and utv"s.

Recce is on Saturday MAy 6th. (After desert race).

Payouts for each class determined by number of entrys.

Trophies awared to all classes.

Rally Cars:
Rally AWD turbo
Rally AWD n/a
Rally 2wd turbo
Rally 2wd n/a

Desert Cars:
4 cylinder
6 cylinder
8 cylinder

UTV Classes:
UTV Pro Turbo
UTV  Pro n/a


2 Stroke
4 Stroke

Stock Car:

Hill Climb Cars:

Open class

Classes will be added as needed!

Entry fee will be $100 for all cars and trucks.

UTV, Bikes, and Quads entry fee will be $100

Rally entry fee