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2017 CORE Race schedule


Core 2017 Off Road Race Series schedule:
Desert Racing.
Race #1
April 28 and 29
Race #2
June 16 and 17
Race #3
July 28 and 29
Race #4
September 15 and 16
Race #5
October 27 and 28

I have tried my best to make a non conflicting schedule. If you have a problem with the dates let me know asap. Otherwise this will be set by this Saturday.

All desert races in 2017 will be a minimum of 4 hours long. So at least 132 miles. It is really not cost effective to run races for any shorter amount of time.

Desert race entry fees will be $300.00 for all pro classes. $200.00 for all sportsman classes.
Pro classes will have a cash payout and trophies.
Sportsman classes will be trophy only.
All sportsman and Pro classes will race for a minimum of 4 hours. I feel the entry fees are very fair considering the amount of time you racers will be getting on corse.

Bike and quads will race for only 1.5 hours. Due to the fact of poor turn out this past year. Entry fee for bikes and quads is $100.00. We will leave this open to see how many participants we get, if any.

Just to be clear and up front. No refunds will be given on race days......
I had a couple issues with this and do not want to have it again.

I am offering a discount for any racers that want to pre pay for the season. I am not going to try and ask for a land use fee. But bottom line is that I need to pay $7000.00 to the track by March 1st. This is the agreement that I made with Carl.

So the discount offer is this.
Pro class pre pay $500 and save $50 off each race.
Pro class pre pay $1000 and save $500 for the season.
Sportsman pre pay $500 and save $50 off each race.
If you want to do this, please send me a private message and we will work it out. Randy Gabriel.

I am also looking for sponsors. Product donation, cash, whatever. This will be for awards. I have a couple sponsors lined up already but looking for more.

I have big plans for 2017. Want to make it the best season ever. I am currently trying to buy some equipment to make some much needed improvements to the track. I will start moving dirt as soon as I have the equipment to do so. Plan on fixing some of the bad spots and adding some big table top jumps to the front strait, start finish line, and behind the pits. This is to give our spectators somthing to watch.

Anyway I will have more news to come. I am super excited for 2017.

Randy Gabriel
Core Desert Series Director.


Gate fees:

$20.00 per person per day.