In 2004 Carl Miron created CORE (Colorado Off Road Extreme). My vision was to create an off road facility for the four wheel drive enthusiasts, We started by finding a large piece of property(800 acres) that was away from the city and yet not to far for people to get to. Next we had to go through the process of getting it approved with the county, once that was done we could start the work of building CORE. It started with trucking over a million pounds of rocks, tires, concrete culverts, and other items to create obstacles to climb over with your trucks and jeeps. We next put in four mud pits and mud field with a under ground water system to keep them full of water and mud to give the mudders a way to stay dirty and have countless hours of fun. From there we really started to evolve into a major off road park, since we have added moto cross tracks, a 1/3 mile oval track, two rally cross areas, a two mile rally sprint track, Two short course tracks, a tough truck track, and we finished by building a desert race track that can vary in distance from nine to fifteen plus miles of some rough technical and extremely challenging tracks for Colorado’s only desert racing.


In addition to holding many events every year, we have become the premier testing facility for some of the biggest names in off road. Rally drivers include the likes of Tanner Foust, Andrew Pinker, Mitch Williams, Dave Kern, Jimmy Keeney just to name a few. Our rally cross facility is home to some of the nations top rally cross competitors in the states. Our short course tracks provide a valuable testing facility to some great short course racers like Brad Lovell, Shawn Morris, and Dillion Riemer. We also have the only facility to really test the true desert cars in the state, and have some of the biggest names in off road racing from the states of Colorado, Arizona, Wyoming, New Mexico and Nebraska. Steve Strobel, Jim Price, Mitch Armstrong, Devon Rumsey, Mike Rumsey, Bob Atkinson, Tom Franks, Rich Langren, L.D. Smith, Richard McMillian, Mike Palmer, Jay Visic and many many more. We provide crucial testing for the King Of the Hammers competitors from these states as well, as we can provide the fast as well as the rocks to do true Hammers testing.


We look forward to continuing to provide a great place for all your off roading needs.